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1962 Christmas Food Ad, General Foods’ Baker’s Products with Macaroons Cookies Recipe (2-page advert)
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"Happy Holidays and Merry Macaroons from Baker’s"

This Santa Claus table decoration out a coconut amuses me… and it looks fairly easy to make. I’m toying with the idea of making it this next Christmas.

Published in Good Housekeeping, December 1962 – Vol. 155 No. 6

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One might have gone to discuss the fact a lot number of times that why should a person should try to stick to the vegetarian recipes. Non-vegetarian things have gone on to completely harm the internal as well as the external structure of a person, to present a lot of cases as such. There has been an increase in the number of people having a complaint about arterial blockage, increased blood pressure, coronary thrombosis and many more. In the past few days as such people have decided to stick on to some healthy feeding and eating habits so that their physique gets quite improved over a period of time.

The first and the foremost thing that can be said over a common Healthy Food Recipes is the fact that it is absolutely free of any cholesterol level at all. This is only possible if a person decides to switch over to a vegetarian diet. A mostly vegetarian diet consists of the vegetable recipes. There are some people who; however, do not have much of an experience in cooking or preparation of vegetable recipes. In some other cases, they find it too complicated to prepare it at all. The common advice that is for these people is to find out on some easy vegetable recipes to prepare. There is an ample amount of simple and healthy vegetable recipes that can be accessed at any common time.

The people mostly around the world have been disturbed about the various physical problems that have been viewed in the present generation: obesity, over-weight, and even some of the cardiac problems that should be nowhere near the young generation. These all problems at large have been; all thanks to the type eating habits that people have been used to, over a period of time.

The best possible thing that a person can do at this point of time is to switch over to some healthy food habits, for instance some healthy vegetarian recipes. Only reason as to why people mostly prefer to vegetable recipes is the fact that it is one of the healthiest and the easiest things to prepare. Even if there are certain amateur cooks who do not have a complete idea about proper cooking or preparation of the recipes, then they can easily go on to refer some of the popular places: such as cook books, internet, or even consult their friends over preparation of the easy vegetable recipes among a lot of them available.

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